Five Inspirations For Your Loft Conversion From Pinterest

We often look around the internet for different loft conversion ideas, different interior design ideas, anything really we can take to my appointments and use as inspiration for our clients. It’s so very easy to become complaisant with these things and not put in that added bit of effort for a client, but that is something I refuse to do. We like to approach every customer with a new perspective and apply our years of experience to their dream loft conversion.

We often find a lot of the inspiration comes from looking at what architects and builders are doing across Europe and farther afield. Their different techniques and tastes really open the mind to the possibilities of what could be here in the UK if we wanted, that’s not to say we don’t find loft conversions that wow us here, we really do, well we build them for starters.

Anyway here’s a few nifty new ideas we found this week

1. Using The Apex To Create Light

Combining height with glazing creates this beautiful bright and open space in the apex of the roof on this conversion.

2. Window Seat On The Landing

If you have the space this is a lovely use of the landing leading up to the loft, not only does it add light to the stairwell, but peaceful getaway to sit and read in the window watching the world go by.

3. Velux Cabrio Loft Window

I love these, a simple way of adding a Juliet balcony to your loft for the summer, and a large window bringing in light too.

4. Stunning Roof Terrace

Outside space in the loft doesn’t come much better than this. It gives breakfast in bed a whole new meaning. More like breakfast on the bedroom roof terrace.

5. Open En-Suite Bathroom

If you’re not shy, then this could be a lovely addition to your home, no need to break up the room with walls, enjoy open plan living.

We hope you like some of these ideas, and can maybe see a way of incorporating some of them in to your home. I think next week we will look at storage ideas for your loft.

For more information about converting your loft you may also like this post or pop on to our home page and download our guide to converting your loft.

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