The Loft Conversion: Adding Space and Value to Your Home

If there is one thing we all seem to lack in our homes is space. However, for many people the cost and disruption that comes with moving or building a home extension is a no no. So, how else? According to Phil Spencer, Channel 4’s property go to guy, the easiest way to get an extra bedroom or bathroom – sometimes both – is by converting your loft. It’s not as disruptive as most people think, as the bulk of the work can be done from outside. The key to a successful loft conversion is to make sure that there is easy access to your loft and that the conversion fits with your existing house, no one wants their conversion to look grafted on, in actual affect the Government rules state that the materials used have to give the conversion a similar appearance to rest of the house, on the outside. You will also need to make sure that there is enough standing head room height once the floor joists are strengthened, as this will raise the floor level.

A loft conversion can add to the value of your home by up to 20 percent according to a recent research from the Nationwide Building Society. Depending on the size and location of your property the average cost of a Loft conversion is roughly £24,600, on average the return on investment is 50 percent – meaning that the average profit stands at about £12,000. To add to brilliance of it, many will not need planning permission so long as they fall within the category Permitted Development Rights maintaining the rhythm of residential roof lines in your street. These permitted development rights apply throughout England, with the exception of a few conservation areas, where local planning authorities must agree to all changes. However, all loft conversion specialists should be knowledgeable and familiar with all permitted development rules and local planning policies, thus being able to inform and give guidance to their clients as to whether they will need planning permission.

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