Rear Dormer Loft Conversion in Dorking RH4

8th February 2017

As any homeowner who's decided on a loft conversion will tell you, it's no small task!

It's a relatively costly undertaking and you want to be assured that the quality of workmanship justifies the budget.
You also need to feel confident that the end result is going to be exactly what you had envisaged, so the level of service and attentiveness is also just as important.

Craig and his team ticked every box and exceeded expectations.

Throughout the loft conversion on our property we never once lost faith or confidence in Craig and his team.
They were always attentive and considerate and if ever we had concerns or issues, there was never any delay in addressing them.
Even if we had a change of mind or wanted to make an alteration it was never a problem and was dealt with politeness and understanding.

Another important factor when considering a loft conversion is the budget.
Upper Room provided reasonable costs and what was estimated was exactly what we paid, no hidden or unexpected expenses.

The punctuality and commitment from Craig and his team was also second to none.
Every agreed day work was to be carried out the door bell rang at 8am on the dot .
There was never any delay and work started straight away and often continued until the early evening, which considering they had to travel at least two hours each way to get to and from our property is a demonstration in hard work and commitment in its self.

It's very easy in today's somewhat cynical society to dismiss a glowing review as a fabrication, but the fact of the matter is Craig and his co-workers are genuinely honest, reliable and above all friendly, all the qualities you look for when carrying out such substantial work.

It was honestly a pleasure having Craig and his team on site, so much so that when the work was finally complete it felt emotional to say goodbye.

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