Loft Conversions: The Pros & Cons

Loft conversions are possibly the most practical and cost effective way of enlarging the home, however it may not be the answer for everyone wanting to extend their house. We at Upper Room Lofts have listed some of the pros and cons of the loft conversion.

6 Stylish Loft Conversion Bedroom Ideas

The Bathtub in the Bedroom Photo: Paul Massey via If you don’t have the space for an En-Suite, why not take a page out of Stockholm’s Ett Hem Hotel and place a freestanding bath in the bedroom. Not only will it be a focal feature, but also there is certainly something rather charming about […]

Amazing Loft Conversion Transformations

If the space of your loft conversion is limited it can be frustrating – especially as the whole reason behind a loft extension is to give you more space. However, fear not… we at Upper Room Lofts have come up with a list of brilliant loft conversion designs that are sure to make the most […]

Five Inspirations For Your Loft Conversion From Pinterest

We often look around the internet for different loft conversion ideas, different interior design ideas, anything really we can take to my appointments and use as inspiration for our clients. It’s so very easy to become complaisant with these things and not put in that added bit of effort for a client, but that is […]

Loft Conversions: A Guide

A loft conversion is by far the quickest and least intrusive way of adding space and value to your home. However, how do you know what type of loft conversion is right for you – in fact how many types of loft extensions are there, and what are they? Mansard A mansard loft conversion requires […]

Loft Conversions With Difficult Roof Constructions

You don’t need to be a genius to realise that some types of roof are not ideally suited for conversion into living space. In fact, a surprisingly large number of properties have ‘the wrong sort of loft’ for one reason or another. Of these, probably the most challenging are buildings with shallow pitched roofs, because […]

A Guide To Converting Your Loft

Converting the loft is one of the most cost-effective ways to add extra living space to a home. New rooms within the roof can benefit from sunlight for much of the day, make the most of any views, and can have tremendous character due to the interesting roof shape.